Three friends make sex
Featuring — Missy Luv

Missy Luv invites her best friend Bonnie Dolce to spend the night together, but she is so focused on reading the new book that she doesn’t pay any attention to her girlfriend. This is when Missy Luv’s boyfriend comes back home. Bonnie Dolce happily welcomes him because she feels the urge to talk to somebody, at least. She tells the dude to keep silent if he wants to have some fun. Dude feels intrigued and does so, as Bonnie Dolce tells him. She performs a striptease and flashes her yummy ass to him, then she unzips his pants and takes his cock into her mouth. This is when Missy Luv takes her eyes off the book. She is pissed, angry, and frustrated, but then Bonnie Dolce tells her to calm down and join the sex fun.

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