Early riser rubs cunt in bed
Featuring — Sunny X

Everybody knows that we can divide all people in the world into two big groups: early risers and those who love to sleep longer. It’s really nice when people, who live together, love getting up later or earlier together but what happens if one of them chooses to rise up with the sunrise and another prefers to sleep till lunch? Sunny X loves starting her days pretty early while her boyfriend adores watching dreams till it's rather late. Luckily, she knows how to entertain herself when waiting for her lad to wake up. She simply caresses her beautiful, curvy body. Sunny X teases her yummy tits and sweet nipples to make her shaved pussy get wet through. Hot brunette plays with her lacy panties and pink clit till she is ready to finger her pulsating hole. Sunny X slowly moves her fingers back and forth to get a couple of early morning orgasms.

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